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Brand Story FORMATOR

In 2014 in Ukraine there have been many events that have greatly influenced our lives. In addition to political events in the country began a severe economic crisis. Market of instrument is experiencing very difficult times – income decreased rapidly, that lead to the need to save. But without having a quality instrument, sometimes impossible to do the work. At that time keenly felt need for a reliable and efficient tool for a reasonable price.

Our team is working on the market of the instrument for more than 8 years. Our partners are world famous brands from USA, Austria, Germany and other countries. Unfortunately, this is not everyone can afford such products. Moreover, it turned out that it is very difficult to find a tool that has a similar level of quality but at a more affordable price. Most competitors have a much lower quality level for almost the same price or reasonable price and acceptable quality level.

As the saying goes “if you want something done well, do it yourself!” – So we conducted research and identified the basic principles, keeping them began working on own brand. The basis was laid simple targets and rules, which are described below. In the development process became clear that optimizing the production process can create high quality tools at a reasonable price. A special advantage is the location of production in Ukraine – it allows to use high quality specialists monitor the production process and quickly implement improvements to reduce cycle times in production and get much better quality at an affordable price.

In this way were formed a few tasks that are grouped under one common idea:

Mission of the FORMATOR

We feel and see the mission to create a client-oriented dynamic world-class brand new model, which is made in Ukraine. It has to evolve according to queries / user needs and always offer more

The main tasks that we set our brand:


  • develop and produce high quality tools for professionals and enthusiasts
  • give an opportunity users to participate in expanding the range and set of required characteristics
  • each instrument should have the best performance in its class
  • the tools should be available to wide range of users around the world
  • use in the production the latest technology to produce better results
  • produce all products in Ukraine for the development of of domestic production and provide optimum logistics

And that’s just the main tasks

The principles of FORMATOR

We understand that have put a difficult tasks and, to need more than just producing tool. So we decided to make our preferring. Strictly adhering to them we can reach the goal. Therefore, the basic principles:

  • have the best price / quality ratio in the category
  • develop the brand proceeding from requirements of of our clients and taking into consideration their wishes
  • pay particular attention to feedback for product improvement and working methods
  • always seek to maintain sufficient balances of products in stock for operative customer service
  • provide fast and convenient logistics – the client has to worry only about their work, but a tool we provide


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Cooperation with FORMATOR

We are always open for cooperation!

We are actively looking for serious regional representatives – trade companies Ukraine, Europe, CIS, and others. First of all interested partners who have experience with our product categories, State of sales representatives or active wholesale sales.

We are also open to cooperation with our customers – manufacturing, construction and service companies. For you are chosen the most comfortable conditions for cooperation.

Welcomed specific suggestions for improving our products or develop new promising directions.

Contact us via the contact form or by contacts.




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